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Baby Shopping Checklist

DAMN! It has been absolutely ages since I sat down to write a blog post, I missed this!

In new news, get the tea cup, popcorn, snacks, ya girls PREGNANT, YUP, PREGNANT, as in KNOCKED UP, YUP, ME!

I tried for baby for about four years, if you follow me on my Snapchat (@eatsleepbefancy) then you are probably up to date on my pregnancy struggle and if you don't, girl, you should!

In a nut shell, after seeing every doctor in Doha, LITERALLY, everyone and them telling me nothing was wrong with me or hubby I decided to just leave it to god and try naturally, fast track, 4 years pass, still no bun in the oven so I decided to try seeing doctors again.

I went to see a doctor that was suggested by a few ladies on my social media at Al-Emadi Hospital, Dr Sonia Abusaba incase your in Qatar and looking for a good fertility doctor, she's the best!

She started me on injections in my belly (Gonal F) and got BOOM, I got preggers.

ANYWAY, this post wasn't intended to be my pregnancy story or journey, I wanted to share my shopping checklist with you guys as its something that really helped me.

I searched high and low on the internet for some sort of guideline on what I need to buy for a new born, now I know my list is a bit excessive and extra but hopefully the basics are on there and if not and your a mother, please do leave me suggestions.

I created this list on the notes section of my iPhone and used the check feature to ensure I tick of the things I purchase or get gifted.

It can get so confusing and overwhelming seeing so many things and options for your new bubba in stores and OMG I literally wanted to buy EVERYTHING, the hardest thing was not buying all the cute clothes and shoes! I am actually having a baby boy which has saved me buckets of shmoneys because if it was a girl, with the amount of cute baby girl things in store, I would be broke broke broke broke.

Guys, of course not everything on this list is mandatory and once I actually start to put the things I got to use I will let you know what was actually helpful from the list and what wasn't necessary. I just wanted to share the layout more then anything to hopefully help some of you on your motherhood journey.


Husnaa xo